Chattanooga entrepreneur and podcaster is working to grow his business

Adam Vazquez is the host of The Startup Show. It's a podcast produced in Chattanooga.

Adam Vazquez says one of his biggest inspirations is his grandfather.

"I'm from Philadelphia. My granddad came over from Puerto Rico, and was working in industrial type jobs." Adam says his grandfather, "poked his head up and like, 'Oh I'm in Philadelphia. Cheesesteaks are a thing here. So he decided to open a cheesesteak shop called Ernie's corner."

Adam's grandfather built that business from the ground up, and at the same time his day job was at city Hall.

"He lead Puerto Rican integration initiatives for the city of Philadelphia," Adam said.

Adam says that work ethic and his grandfather's example of creating a business that didn't exist before is something he thinks about often while working to build something new in Chattanooga.

Adam moved here from after college and a couple years later went to work at VaynerMedia.

"It was a great spring board and great experience for what Derrick and I are doing at Strafire," Adam said.

Derek Rogers is Adam's business partner. Derek started Strafire in 2011. Adam came on board last year.

"So Strafire makes digital content whatever that looks like." Adams says the company creates," websites, videos, social content, etc. to drive leads and business for what I call middle tear companies. There's a lot of solutions for restaurants, mom and pop stores, retail centers etc. and there's a lot of solutions in agencies who are focusing on the fortune 500, Vayner for instance, but there is you know a lot of businesses between those two."

And when Adam's not working on digital content for clients he's working on content for his podcast.

"The start up show just started as a marketing tactic for Strafire." Adam and Derek asked, "how do we get our name out there?"

They just released their 24th episode. He talks about Chattanooga, Philadelphia, sports, and business. He's had guests such as local business leaders like Ted Alling, his former boss at VaynerMedia, Gary Vaynerchuk, Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke, and many others.

Adam says the show is a lot more than just marketing for Strafire. It's also "an inspiration source, and a little bit of an education source. If people really do have some obstacle between them maybe one of our conversations will help them overcome one of their obstacles."

Adam Vazquez says any business right now should look at podcasts as a way to grow what they do.

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