Chattanooga based Bellhops is expanding to a new market

Bellhops CEO Luke Marklin

Chattanooga based moving company Bellhops is growing.

This week the company announced it will now provide moving services in Washington D.C.

Bellhops is now in more than twenty cities

The company is a moving service that started in Alabama in 2011 and moved its headquarters to Chattanooga the next year.

We sat down with CEO Luke Marklin and we talked about the growth of the company.

"Our challenge is a really exciting one," Marklin said. "We have a great footprint here in the south. The challenge is now let's take this show on the road. So we have a platform that is built for scale, and now really it is just taking that and taking one step at a time to the next city."

Luke has an interesting story.

Before coming to Chattanooga he was a General Manager at Uber in Atlanta. He's a graduate of Harvard Business School and he was brought on as the CEO at Bellhops this past July.

More of that story coming soon on Making History

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