Causeway is helping others make Chattanooga a better place

Causeway started to make history in 2011. It began as a website. It was a way for people to post challenges facing the city of Chattanooga, and ideas to fix those problems.

A couple of years later Causeway opened an office in downtown Chattanooga

"If you raise your hand and you show up and you get to work there's plenty of work to be done," Causeway Executive Director, Abby Garrison said.

Causeway's website says it uses an entrepreneurial approach to inspire and and equip Chattanoogans to develop smarter solutions to our city's toughest challenges.

"Starting things and having a business mentality and not waiting on someone else to fix something, but just figuring it out yourself, I think that that is just kinda the DNA of where Chattanooga is right now," Garrison said.

Causeway has taken a business mentality and apply it to help launch several local programs.

"P.L.A.Y., Police, Leadership and Youth, that's all about getting kids to play intramural sports with police and firemen to kinda breakdown barriers," Garrison said.

Young, Gifted, and Black is one new program just getting started.

"(It) is all about helping other young black kids have access to per forming arts," Garrison said.

All of this work takes money. They've received funding from local foundations and some corporate sponsors, and now Causeway is in the process of raising more funds on their own through events such as their one table event.

"People often times don't know if we're a foundation, or a for profit company," Garrison said. "We are a non-profit ourselves, and in order to keep supporting all of the people who have great ideas in Chattanooga We ourselves are always fundraising, and looking for support for Causeway."

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