Camp House director discusses the "living room for Chattanooga"

Director of The Camp House, Matt Busby says, "the vision of The Camp House is to be a place that creates and cultivates community and culture in Chattanooga."

The Camp House opened its doors in its first location in 2010.

Chris Sorensen and a team of people moved to Chattanooga and planted the Mission Chattanooga. That is the church that owns the Camp House.

Matt Busby is the Director of the Camp House. He and his wife moved to Chattanooga from Florida.

"We moved up on a Saturday. I walked in on a Monday, and I've pretty much been involved ever since," Busby said.

The Camp House is a coffee shop, but this place is more than just coffee. On Sundays there are three church services in this space.

"It was really important for Chris and the team to open a space that was in a downtown neighborhood, but didn't lie empty six days a week," Matt said. "The Camp House was sort of born out of that vision, and born around coffee.

It's a big open space with lots of tables and the current location on ML King Boulevard in Downtown Chattanooga is right in the heart of the Innovation District.

"You can walk in on any given day and obviously there's entrepreneurs. There's always creatives working and collaborating, but it's not uncommon to walk in and see an architect going over plans with a client. It's not uncommon to see somebody from one of the foundations having a meeting with a non-profit they're supporting. It's not uncommon to come in and see, you know, one of our local politicians meeting with constituents," Matt says.

Matt called The Camp House sort of a living room for Chattanooga, and a great place to meet people.

"For people who just moved to the city and they're looking to get involved or maybe even looking for a job or, you know, they just want to get connected my advice for those people is always is to start going to coffee shops." Matt Busby said.

Matt says seeing so many different people doing different things in this space is one of his favorite parts of his job.

"The vision of The Camp House is to be a place that creates and cultivates community and culture in Chattanooga," Matt said.

The Camp House is taking that idea and spreading it out in new ways and new places such as their Meeting House location in Red Band and early last year Matt created the Camp House podcast.

He talks to local leaders, entrepreneurs, and a lot more. Matt says his hope is the podcast is "sort of as a resource for people to understand what's happening in our city to hear about the good things and the bad at times, but really just to be more informed, more connected, and hopefully more inspired about what's happening in Chattanooga."

The Camp House also hosts concerts community events and a lot more. We will have more on The Camp House coming soon on Making History.

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