Alexa Conference comes to Chattanooga

Alexa Conference coming to Chattanooga.

The 2018 Alexa Conference is packed with three days of speakers and panel discussions in downtown Chattanooga..

This event is all about the growth of voice-first technology and the voice economy.

The conference is designed to bring together the community of developers and enthusiasts around this technology specifically," Bradley Metrock, CEO of Score Publishing and Organizer of the Alexa Conference, said. "Alexa but also just broader voice first technology that includes Google Home, that includes Siri, that includes Bixby which is Samsung's assistant, plus countless others that smaller companies are creating."

This is year two for the conference and the first time it's been in Chattanooga. Bradley Metrock says there will be speakers here from around the world and from local companies like Skuid and EPB.

The conference will happen at the Chattanooga Public Library downtown, and Bradley says the Gig City is the perfect place to hold year two of the Alexa Conference.

"Chattanooga is truly one of the best kept secrets of the south, and i'm a big fan of the city for many different reasons," Metrock said. Most people have no idea the emerging technology scene that Chattanooga has."

To learn more or to buy tickets go the the Alexa Conference's website.

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