Velocity Plus is working to help businesses grow

Making History - Velocity Plus

Tom Iyoob and Carolyn Keyes at Velocity Plus are working to help businesses grow.

"Anytime someone calls us in they want Velocity," Tom Iyoob from Velocity Plus told us. "They want to get from where they are to where they want to be. They want to get there real quick."

Tom and Carolyn are married and are business partners.

"We work with companies that really they want growth," Carolyn said. "They see that they're making progress. They're not quite getting to where they want to get to."

Their company focuses on business coaching and consulting .

"I would say that company culture is probably one of the most critical things in business because we do spend a lot of hours at work," Carolyn Keyes said.

Carolyn says it's important to think about culture early on before you start to grow.

"In three years time 95% of the businesses started today will be out of business and the five percent that survive most of them will be just surviving and maybe one or two will be thriving," Tom Iyoob said. "The thriving comes from knowing your limitations and bringing in people smarter that you and granting them that authority."

Velocity Plus started in 2010, and Tom and Carolyn moved here in January 2017.

Just a couple weeks after they moved here their life changed in a major way. Tom had a heart attack.

"Surgical intervention wasn't available to me from a health issue that I had since i was born," Tom said. "They sent me home, and so six weeks later I had it happen again."

Tom wrote a blog post about what happened and what he learned from all of it. His health has improved now, but he says that changed his focus to what he can do for the people around him on a daily basis.

He also says after he recovered he wanted to get involved in his new city.

"The first thing I did was introduce myself to the incubator in town which is Co-Lab, and volunteer my services," Tom said. "I did two cohorts as the entrepreneur in residence."

Tom says this is a perfect place for what this business does.

"If I look at the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the state as a whole and what's happening in Nashville with all the med-tech and all the music tech and then I look at what's happening in Atlanta and I look at how those communities are growing, you know, we are the pressure release valve here in Chattanooga<" Tom Iyoob said. "We're seeing a lot of people move from those urban areas to here, and they are the kind of people that they want to help so this is the perfect place for us."

Tom and Carolyn say they are now working with businesses locally, and have worked with companies around the globe.

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