Yewchati Company offers apparel inspired by fishing

The owners of the Yewchati Company, Matt Boyd and brothers Jonathan and Nathan Bosshardt. (Image: Bosshardts)

A lifelong love of fishing is the inspiration behind new apparel line Yewchati Company.

"It's amazing to just be out there and enjoy nature," Nathan Bosshardt said.

Brothers Nathan and Jonathan Bosshardt, and their best friend Matt Bond, grew up fly fishing together around Chattanooga.

"You can go out there and not even catch a fish all day but you feel like you've done something," Nathan said.

They come from business backgrounds and each work full time jobs, but they always wanted to work on something together.

The perfect time came a year ago when they were looking for specific fishing apparel.

"It started with a google search, we really wanted a simple trout dad hat and could not find what we were looking for," Jonathan said.

They started brainstorming ideas, and since December they have sold hundreds of items.

Yewchati is based off the Cherokee word for fish.

"We say it every time we catch a fish in celebration," Matt said. "Every time we land something we all yell Yewchati."

So far they offer hats and t-shirts featuring their signature logo, which Nathan's wife helped design.

They have big dreams to expand and become a full apparel line.

"We all kind of bring a different gift set to the business," Matt said.

Jonathan works about 20 hours a week coming up with new designs.

"Between mock-ups and shirt designs, hat designs, we want to leave no stone uncovered," Jonathan said.

The goal with all of their work is to bring quality apparel with a simple design that gets people thinking about what the outdoors has to offer.

"Catching fish is awesome don't get me wrong, but the places it takes you are incredible," Nathan said.

They donate 5 percent of their profits to conservation groups dedicated to protecting public lands.

You can order the products online, or find them at Mountain Outfitters in Monteagle, or at Mahoney's Outfitters.

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