Woodstation Singers collaborate with rock icon

A version of a Jack White song, sung by the Woodstation Elementary singers, is included with every purchase of White's new children's book.

It is a dream come true for any singer, seeing their name on a vinyl record. But in this case, these emerging artists are 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders from Catoosa County can now say they've collaborated with a rock icon.

It all started with a record, created by a garage rocker with a name some of these elementary school students had never heard. But because of one passionate teacher, the Woodstation Elementary singers ended up in Jack White's Nashville recording studio making a record their own version of HIS song. It's part of the Third man Record studio's School Choirs and Bands program. Music teacher Kevin Lane says, "I've been a vinyl freak all my life, I thought this will be great, a way to teach kids how this all works."

But it gets better. About a month after their March recording session, Third Man Records called. White wanted to make the same song, "We're Gonna Be Friends," into a children's book. Lane says, "He wanted to know if they could use our recording to go along with the book, and I said YES!"

These enthusiastic voices from our hometown, now set to be heard around the world. Singer Sabrina Aikens says, "A lot of people can listen to it and now everyone will know the Woodstation singers." A digital download of their version of the song, is included with each book sold.

Now they're on their way back to Nashville next week to perform at a book signing at the recording studio, where Jack White will also sing. But, this time, they'll go as real recording artists with their own credit and an experience they'll never forget. "Their lives are changed," Lane says. "They are enjoying it now but some day, in their teens maybe, they are going to pick up that record and say I made this record and who gets to say that?"

The Woodstation Singers will perform at Third Man Records in Nashville on December 10th (more info here) and there's also a local performance at the Hamilton Place Barnes and Noble on the 11th at 7 pm.

Click here to purchase the book that comes with the Woodstation Singers' version of the song.

Even the guys at Third Man Records saw something special in these kids. Watch co-founder Ben Blackwell talk about the Woodstation Singers here.

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