What's to eat tonight on "The House?"

What's to eat tonight on "The House?" (Image: WTVC)

It's the conversation that happens on countless Friday nights around the Scenic city. "Everyone has that dilemma, where should we go tonight?"

And for restaurant staff? "You may have some empty seats available so you say, let's put butts in seats."

"The House" is an app that matches those indecisive hungry customers with restaurants that have open tables that they want YOU to fill.

Creator Matt Patterson explains how it works. "You may have 40 tables, 10 of them are open right now you can say I want to push an offer that only applies to those 10 tables."

That exclusive offer shows up on your phone. " A burger and a pint for 8 dollars at Feed and it's available now and expires in 2 hours."

When the customer claims the deal, they pick a time and the number in their party. The app automatically alerts the restaurant staff. "My host tells my server, hey it's the House app, they're claiming 3 seats," explains Heather Jennings with Feed Table and Tavern. "They write it down and let the server know and the great thing is then I have their name and I can go up and greet them by name and say hello."

Patterson and his partner Matt Harb say it's a win-win for diners looking to try something new. "Me and my wife we go down the road in our mind and say we can go here, here. We have these fall back places where we go but we don't love but we can't decide. Our app provides a clear feed of what's going on tonight."

The app has about 35 restaurants on-board. All downtown, locally-owned brands. The deals are local now, but soon? "Right now it's a local app in Chattanooga but as we take it more cities it becomes a travel app," the pair says.

Expanding an idea that's "Made in our Hometown" to craving customers across the country.

If you're interested in downloading the app, just search The House Chattanooga in your app store.

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