Wanderlinger Brewing Company offers craft beer, live music and local art

Image: WTVC

A Chattanooga man ditched his office job to live out his dreams of making beer.

In this week's Made in our Hometown we visit Wanderlinger Brewing Company.

It opened last year on Chattanooga's Southside near the Chattanooga Choo Choo.

"My wife came up with Wanderlinger," co-owner Mike Dial said. "We are backpackers, and it's our backpacking philosophy we wander and we linger."

Dial started brewing as a hobby ten years ago.

"The hobby started getting out of control and taking up my whole garage," Dial said.

Several years ago he got a business plan ready.

"This is what I used to do on the weekends after I'd get off work I'd go home and brew beer and now do it on the weekdays here," Dial said. "I don't get a lot of days off but I like to come into work now, I enjoy coming into work."

We talked with Mike as he was working on a new wheat beer.

"We're brewing it now so that once we've gone through the trials we can brew it again and have it ready for summer."

The grains are steeped in hot water, brought to a boil, then the hops are added.

After that it ferments for a couple of weeks.

Throughout the process, they test the beer to make sure each batch is on track before it's ready to enjoy.

Right next to the brewery is the taproom with at least eight different beers on tap.

It's decorated with local art.

"My art is beer," Dial said. "I want to provide a venue for other artists to showcase their works as well."

There's also live music at least three nights a week.

"We try to create a fun atmosphere here something different, so we wanted music to be a big part of that."

Craft breweries are popping up more and more in the scenic city, but Mike says they're more like family rather than competition.

"We are all in the business of trying to grow the craft beer community locally more than directly competing with each other," Dial said. "We all want to see each other succeed."

Happy hour is offered every Tuesday through Friday from 4 to 6 p.m.

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