United Way chooses Signal Centers Art to display throughout Chattanooga

Kim Jones makes a heart painting at Signal Centers in Chattanooga.

Painting wasn't always one of Kim Jones's favorite pastimes. But, years ago, when she started spending time at Signal Centers Adult Services programs, the staff opened her eyes to entirely new experiences. "I love to paint and see what big develops out of the painting," Kim says.

Signal Centers' CEO Donna McConnico says what they often see develop, is a lot more than what ends up on the canvas.

Signal Centers tries its best to help our participants reach their goals , and for many of them that's expressing their creativity. It was one of Kim's paintings in particular that caught one staff member's eye. "Courtney got the ball rolling and she sent it to someone that made notecards out of it."

And soon note cards turned into a big honor. "The art they do is so beautiful, they were chosen, and Kim's piece in particular, was chosen to be the representative of United Way this year," McConnico says.

Now, Kim's artwork is displayed in businesses across the area, as a thank you from the United Way to it's donors. But this heart represents something bigger to the staff that works with these adults everyday. "Making something that's going to make a difference, and it's a beautiful piece, and it's just lovely. Everybody is going to be asking about that in their businesses," says McConnico.

A conversation starter about what is possible, regardless of what many see as limitations.

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