Two Georgia brothers turn woodworking hobby into a lifelong business

Sculpting process. Image by WTVC

Two Georgia brothers decided to turn their hobby of wood work into a business that started in Nashville and eventually expanded to Rossville.

Zachary Bortolotto says he and his brother grew up around woodworking.

"My dad had a shop above our garage and we would like to sneak up there and work with the power tools," says Zachary.

Eventually learning to use those tools to their advantage.

"We started off doing little artsy projects little metal sculptures stuff then that transpired into furniture" says Zachary.

Turning their hobby, into a business: Naked Wood Creations.

"Starting off with a simple coffee table and then going into a more complicated piece," says Zachary.

The brothers say molding what they loved to do into a way of life has helped them develop special skills.

"Dealing with customers making sure we don't overbook," says Zachary.

With a bit of sanding, sculpting, and using their self-taught welding skills.

Naked Wood Creations is capable of turning chucks of wood just cut fresh from a tree trunk, into custom creations like kitchen tables or even a dog cage - cut and measured to be specifically designed for a customer with two Great Danes.

Brother Jacob Bortolotto says while it's a lot of hard work.

"You least feel that you need to go out for some exercise, because you've already exercised for most of the day," says Jacob.

He knows their work will never be underappreciated.

"You can see your progress throughout the day and that's one of those things that I can't replace," says Jacob.

To order custom home furnishings from them you can call them at (706)-861-8090 or visit their Facebook page here.

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