Tree cutting service turns downed limbs into treasure

From downed trees to treasures.

When strong storms roll through, and a tree falls, it can be a headache to clean it up. But one man is turning that hassle into local craftsmen's treasure.

Lumberjacks Tree Service's Tyler Schievelhud calls himself a lumberjack. But really he's a lifeline between people with tree problems and local craftsmen looking for raw material.

"A lot of the logs that he cuts are unwanted logs and we can turn them into something beautiful," says Amy Adams with Chattanooga Hardwood Center. From huge tree trunks to more sizable strips, this saw mill is the first step in the transformation from tree to piece of art.

The higher grade lumber gets cut and kiln dried, then it's time to smooth. "We'll run it through the planers, smooths it up, straightens out the edges."

By the time it ends up in inventory, local craftsmen have their pick. "Some of them are little guys that are making baby beds for their first grandchild, some are turning pens, just some really neat wood work."

And even the homeowners that started out with a tree problem get to see the pieces of furniture that serve as the solution. "I'll send them snapshots and pictures as the craftsmen send them in and say 'Hey, this is where your tree's at now, this is what it's doing."

The wood that Tyler cuts even ends up in local schools. Chattanooga Christian School uses it in their shop class.

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