The Mighty Blue Gill makes prints from fish

The fish is painted before printing.

Scrolling through Matt Monahan's Instagram page, it's easy to see he's an avid fisherman. "I love to fish and I've fished my whole life," he says.

But it's after the catch, this unconventional artist shines. It's called Gyotaku and it's Japanese for fish rubbing.

Inspired by the art instructor at Chattanooga Christian where he teaches Bible, Monahan launched The Mighty Blue Gill, a business that sells his fish prints. "I think in a sense you are immortalizing this fish."

Whether the colors mimic the fish in its natural habitat, or not, each one is unique. "When you are printing a fish, there's a level of detail that you can with the scales and lines that are hyper realistic," Monahan says.

To see how Monahan prints his fish, click on the video above.

For more on The Mighty Blue Gill, click here to visit the company's Facebook page.

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