Scenic City's Civil War history brought to life with new technology

Strat Parrott creates moving images over the Battles for Chattanooga map.

At Lookout Mountain's Point Park, visitors come from across the country to learn about the Battle Above the Clouds. But just across the street, a decades-old attraction is getting a huge upgrade.

Strat Parrott knows a lot about the Battles for Chattanooga, calling it a very pivotal part of the Civil War. For years, the story of those 5 Civil War Battles have played out through narration and small lights on this topographical map.

" I really wanted to be able to take this as a time to showcase some of what I've done around the world and bring it back home," Parrott says. He spent years making interactive exhibits in Japan.

Weeks of measurements helped create a high-tech plan that starts on Parott's computer and ends up on the digital image projected on the map. " What we've done is taken some of the animations of troops and have them animating and fighting and showing the movement. Sometimes thats hard to follow when you just read it in the book or hear a narrative and you don't really see the distance covered."

Movement that centers around Lookout Mountain and the vantage point it once gave to troops, now translating into a renewed story for a whole new audience. "I think that it's really cool to be able to use some new technology to highlight the past. It really brings it to the forefront of people's minds."

For more on the Battles for Chattanooga, click here to visit their website.

And for more information on Strat Parrott's company Juncture, click here.

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