Ringgold woman uses faith to grow her customized candle business

Epistle Candles places a sticker with their name, Bible scripture, and devotion on it. (Image by WTVC)

Inspired messages, lovely aroma.

Sheila McWilliams started Epistle Candles after she decided to make a work transition.

"I made a career shift and had worked in the food industry as a product developer for many years, and decided 'Why don't I just use my strengths?'" says Sheila.

Some of the skills she was able to take with her were flavor, product, and quality development.

Through this business, she says she's also able to use her faith in a way she hopes will help people.

"What I mean is I almost think of our candles as a devotional. So, there's verses, there's a message, and again the customer picks the message that they want," says Sheila.

Placing a Bible verse sticker on each candle, she says each customer can choose which one they want.

"You actually get to pick your label and then you pick the aroma candle that you like, and we make your custom candle."

Sheila faces several challenges while making candles, including developing new scents, deciding which containers she wants to use, as well as deciding what's inside the candles.

"Do you use soy? Do you use a non-soy?"asks Sheila.

One of the first steps to make her candle is measuring the right amount of flavor - the scent of the candle.

"We're actually going to be making summer melon today," said Sheila during our visit.

Next, she takes the wax from a solid and melts it into a liquid.

She sets up her glassware on the table and then places warning stickers on the bottom of each, telling the customer how they should burn the candle.

Once she's finished with that, she then places the wicks inside. One of the ways she keeps the candle wicks in place is simply by using clothes pins.

Finally, she slowly pours the wax and flavor mix into each candle, allowing several hours of setting time until it's finished.

One of Sheila's favorite parts about the job is networking with other people. "That is just super fun, going out and meeting people," she says.

But most importantly, she says Epistle Candles has helped her grow as an entrepreneur.

"To start a new business and to use all those kind of sweet spots - those skills that I already have to a completely new project and a new business."

To order a custom candle, visit Epistle Candle's website here.

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