Recording studio at the Chattanooga Library connects students and pros

Students at the Chattanooga Library learn on studio-level equipment.

On the second floor of the Chattanooga library, class is in session. Inside, thousands of dollars worth of industry standard recording equipment, some of it rumored to come from Michael Jackson's recording studio.

And the only thing you need to go inside? A Chattanooga library card. "Our most entry-level class is our beat making and digital music class, that's anything from 80's synth rock to hip hop R&B," says Kessler Cuffman. He serves as a guide between all of this and the 12 to 18 year olds who take the library's recording studio classes.

You can only find this caliber of equipment in one other library across the country. "It's our job to create the space, create the access and find the people that can teach," says the studio's manager Meredith Levine.

But the man behind the microphones says it's not just a really cool experience that these students walk away with. "You could be the manager of a grocery store or the person who wants to start a tech company or a lawyer, those skills you learn here, those are going to translate everywhere else," Cuffman says.

To find out more about the recording studio, click here to visit the Library's website.

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