Ooltewah business makes springs that are found in things like cars, ovens, and pens

Newcomb Spring in Ooltewah TN. Image by WTVC

Tractors, lawnmowers, stoves, and even pens all have one thing in common...Springs.

"So springs are everywhere you just don't think about it," says Newcomb Springs general Manager Jason Bingham.

Manufactured, cut and packaged right here in Ooltewah.

"Compression, torsion, extension and wire forms," says Jason.

Newcomb Spring general manager Jason Bingham says they make springs of all kinds.

"They're almost like snowflakes there are millions of applications, there are millions of springs they're all a little unique," says Jason.

The process starts with a coil of stainless steel.

After it's placed on a turning wheel called a former, the coil is drawn into a machine that carefully twists and forms its shape.

Each spring is measured by the computers and cut into the perfect length.

"They come off of the machine and they fall into a low-temperature oven to stress relive from there they can have additional operations they can have some bins or maybe some grinding going on," says Jason.

Once ready, the springs are packaged up and shipped out.

Jason says in the Springtime the company will make at least a million parts in a single day.

"The countless variety of applications that we get to see because springs are inexpensive and they're everywhere we get to be involved in any industry in the world," says Jason.

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