North Georgia company creates automatic foot shower to fight sand

Surf Splash makes their product in Wildwood, Georgia. 

A North Georgia business is banking on a common irritation on your beach vacation. Having that sand between your toes can be a plus while you're actually on the beach. But when the day is over, one local company hopes they'll be able to wash the remnants away.

While many people go to the beach to relax, it usually comes with a few headaches. Like the leftover sand that you tread back to your car or hotel. That sparked a big idea for attorney Jim Franklin. "I said what they need is something automatic where you don't have to put your stuff down, turn any knobs, you just just step on it, and go on."

Franklin's team assembles the units exterior at this small Wildwood factory and then sanding down any imperfections. These units are sold to beach resorts and pool owners, trying to fight a common enemy: sand.

"It's pressure activated so that when s person steps on the platform, it opens a valve and as long as it's standing on the platform, a strong spray mist comes out of these nozzles," Franklin says.

These boxes are being sold to customers around the world as Franklin tries to get his product to a beach resort near your next vacation.

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