Lookout Valley mother uses crafts to pay for adoptions


Adding to your family isn't always as easy as parents hope. But when one local mom discovered how much, not one but two adoptions cost, she taught herself to sew on YouTube and looked across the ocean for inspiration.

Brandi Santos is a mother of one with another on the way next month. But her family isn't complete. "My husband and I did struggle with fertility and the Lord was so good to provide two very good miracle pregnancies," she says.

Five years ago, Santos and her husband Jordan felt called to adopt. "Just like many couples when you purchase adoption you don't realize the paperwork and the financial side of things." And so the long process of raising money began.

Their goal is to bring home two siblings from Africa, so on every product Santos makes, you can find the outline of Africa with a heart over Ethiopia. On tote bags, t-shirts, and jewelry, the place where two new sons or daughters will be waiting.

"Ethiopia surrounded by all these nations that are war stricken filled with famine and all sorts of disease, a lot of parents try to get their kids within the borders because it gives them a shot at getting adopted out."

Each project starts with brightly colored, raw material. After a few sprays of adhesive, the first embroidery go-round begins, outlining the shape that carries the families' purpose. "I didn't want to do something random to raise money, I wanted to make sure it was a marker of what God is doing in our family and where he is calling us to."

Over the years, she says it's helped her faith grow in so many ways. A donated sewing machine and support from family and friends pushed the project forward. "Our cost is going to be about 35 thousand dollars and we have raised 17 so we are about halfway through."

Helping this family pave the way for what they call their missing links. "We don't have all the money in the world, but we have the home, we have the fridge so whether or not I can have children has nothing to do with being obedient."

For more information on how to buy Santos's products, click here to visit her blog and Etsy page.

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