Lookout Mountain artist working on art book of 100 paintings showcasing Appalachians

Alan Shuptrine is working on an art book filled with paintings of the Appalachian mountains and the people who live there. (Image: WTVC)

A local artist is creating a coffee table book based on paintings of the Appalachian mountains and the people who live nearby."I have a fascination for the Appalachian mountains people, and a deep love for them as well," Alan Shuptrine said. Alan grew up near the mountains. He has a deep respect for the people who live there.

"They're hard workers, they love the land and many of them are tied to the land."

He's also tied to the land.

"I feel like it's in my blood, much like water color is in my blood and realism is in my blood."

Alan's father was artist Hubert Shuptrine. Alan says his father's art book 'Jericho the South Beheld' sold more than one million copies. Hubert's work focused on the vanishing south, but Alan paints "the living Appalachians."

Alan hikes the Appalachians with his German Shepherd named Captain.

The land and its people inspire him as he walks and camps out in the mountains.

He takes photographs and sketches along the way.

"Then I bring all those inspirations back here to my Lookout Mountain studio and create the paintings."

He's fascinated with the Europeans who settled in the mountains hundreds of years ago.

"I think it's really important that you know where your heritage is, and what your heritage is all about, because if you don't know about your past you couldn't possibly look to the future."

As for Alan's future, he has 11 more paintings to go to reach 100 paintings to include in his coffee table book due out next year.

The book will be written by author Jennifer Pharr Davis. It's set to be released in September 2019.

You can see Alan's work on display at the Museum at Five Points in Cleveland. The exhibit is called Alan Shuptrine: Appalachian Watercolors from the Serpentine Chain.

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