Lodge's up-to-date foundry helps keep up with "seasoned" demand

Molten metal is poured at Lodge's new foundry to make cast iron.

It's been a staple in South Pittsburg for more than 100 years, but Lodge Manufacturing is far from outdated.

When you think of your grandmother's kitchen, chances are, you remember her cast iron skillet. And for more than 100 years, Lodge Manufacturing in South Pittsburg, has been making those memories, for families just like yours.

In a process that begins with this amazing sight: molten metal poured at 2800 degrees. Their skillets are the source of so many memories, they built this second foundry to handle their newfound popularity but still stamp each one with tradition in mind.

After each skillet, griddle or oven is formed in sand cast molds using melted pig iron and stamped steel, they're washed and perfected. But it's this part of the process, that opened stove tops around the world to this popular product. "In 2002, we started the seasoning process, changed our whole world, we went from being a regional manufacturer to a national manufacturer and now we are an internatonal manufacturer," says Lodge spokesperson Mark Kelly.

With distributors in 60 countries, the small-town company serves a huge audience, but it's the place they call home, that Lodge credits for their success. Many of their 240 employees live just down the road. So no matter where these boxes end up, they always carry a slice of this hometown along.

"In a lot of ways I call Lodge a throw back company we are so dedicated to producing in South Pittsburg, Tennessee we are so taken by the support of everyone of this community here," Kelly says.

The products made at Lodge are also available at their factory store in South Pittsburg.

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