Local student's art helps new Children's Hospital


A 7th grader is putting her entrepreneurial skills to work and becoming the latest donor for Erlanger's New Children's Hospital. Anisha Phade attends Girls Preparatory School, but today she's a young business woman and an artist.

"I'm going to start making a bird because I really like making birds and that's the body," Phade says. She shows us how she makes her quill art after getting a kit for her birthday, rolling tiny pieces of paper into intricate shapes.

She started selling her art at the annual marketplace at GPS called Mad, Bad and Dangerous. As her pieces got more complicated, it became a family affair, with her little sister spreading the word to potential customers. Her dad, a vascular surgeon at Erlanger, helped her figure out where her earnings might make a difference. "She brought up the subject of donating it someplace and I said you can do it at the Children's Hospital."

"I really liked the idea of helping kids that aren't as healthy as me," Anisha said. After hours of work, she became an official donor and presented a check to Erlanger's CEO for more than $1,000.

All to help the effort to build a new children's hospital where kids her own age will fight life and death battles. "I think maybe it would inspire them," Anisha says.

"She has started with an idea that she had, she worked hard on it she took it to a whole different level than I was expecting," her father Dr. Sachin Phade says.

Anisha is now taking custom orders and is planning to participate in GPS's Mad Bad and Dangerous marketplace again this year.

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