Local herbalist makes natural remedy in harsh flu season

Wooden Spoon herbs.jpeg

Lauren Haynes has been studying the power of plants for years, and now she sells her knowledge through the salves, tonics and syrups under her business Wooden Spoon Herbs.

From her home and future studio in Cloudland, Georgia, her most popular product this flu season is her elderberry syrup. Made from local dried elderberries and raw honey, she uses a cold infusion technique to capture and preserve all the holistic qualities. “It's antimicrobial, antibacterial antiviral and since the flu is a virus, it's very effective against the flu. It not only helps bolster the immune system but shortens the duration of the flu virus,” Haynes says.

She cautions her customers she’s not a doctor and her products are not a replacement for medical care, but she strongly believes in their immune boosting qualities.

You can buy Wooden Spoon Herbs at Nutrition World and Wildflower Tea in Chattanooga and on her website.

Haynes is also trying to raise money for her studio. To learn more about that, go here.

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