Local bakery brings a slice of Mardi Gras to the Scenic City


The offical cuisine of Mardi Gras is a favorite in New Orleans, but you don't have to travel to the Big Easy to enjoy the sweet treat. The colors that made it famous might represent justice, faith, and power but it's the taste that one local pastry chef slaves over every time Mardi Gras comes around.

Even in the winter, the Bluff View Art District is a popular place to relax in the Scenic City. But inside the pastry kitchen, Executive Baker Kari Evans is busy bringing a little bit of New Orleans to the coffee shop's customers.

Armed with a whole lot of eggs and butter, Evans makes the base of these King Cakes with a very specific recipe. But there's one thing you just can't forget in this traditional recipe. "You have privileges and obligations when you get the baby in the cake," says Marketing Director Heather Lynn Chandler. "You have to host the next party and you have to get the next king cake."

Just make sure if you plan to get it from Rembrandts, you call ahead to make sure your King Cake is waiting.

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