LifeWrap Hopes to Help When Every Second Counts


When every second counts, would you know what to do? Felicia Jackson didn't, even though she had received CPR training in the past. "I could not think anywere in my mind how to do CPR how to get him breathing again," Jackson says.

It wasn't long after, that the Lifewrap was born. "I spoke to paramedics and that's what they see, parents running their children out to them when every second counts."

Felicia and her business parter Tony, took a simple piece of plastic and made it into a life-saving roadmap. "Every two years, we have to do CPR instruction and maybe two weeks after that it's like what was that again, how many compressions?" says Tony Iwanczyk.

Their prototype shows make-shift rescuers where to start, how to help, and simple directions spelling out what to do next.

"Seventy percent of the American population either doesn't know CPR or doesn't know how to perform it properly," Iwanczyk says. This start-up team is still in the early stages, looking for manufactures around town who can help, and they'd like to keep it local if they can.

Lifewrap got their initial boost from Launch Chattanooga, which helps green business men and women turn their ideas that are scribbled on a napkin, into a reality.

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