'It's a family' - A tour of the Bayer Consumer Health Plant in Cleveland

Afrin is made at the Bayer Consumer Health Plant in Cleveland. (Image: WTVC)

You can buy nasal congestion spray Afrin in big box stores and locally owned pharmacies.

It's shipped all over the country, but made in Cleveland by people who put a lot of care into their work.

"It's a family operation as I call it," Lisa Woods said.

Lisa has been working at this Cleveland manufacturing facility for more than three decades.

"I've been with the company 31 years so I've been all over," Woods said. "Afrin tends to be my favorite."

On a good day, 40,000 bottles of Afrin are made.

Lisa explained the in's and out's of the process.

It's made in the compounding area, bottled, then a plug is put into it. After that it's capped and labeled.

Plant manager Pete Ochel says there are 380 Bayer employees, plus seasonal hires as needed.

"Long tenured employees take a lot of pride in this site, in themselves, and in our products."

Bayer makes several other products in Cleveland, including award winning Coppertone sunscreen.

"We have very clear recipes of how to make our products, and that sets us apart from the competition," Ochel said.

There's still friendly competition happening among coworkers...just ask Angie Cross. She's been working at the plant for 17 years.

"I love working here," Cross said. "Miralax is the best line in the house."

Pete's proud of their safety record, and the products they produce, but most of all the employees working all hours of the night and day to keep things running smoothly.

"The site really has a family feel to it."

"Like I said it's a family, we are homegrown we are not shipping stuff bringing it in, we are just homegrown," Woods said.

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