Holiday gifts at Locals Only Chattanooga

Holiday gift boxes at Locals Only Chattanooga. (Image: WTVC)

Ahead of Small Business Saturday we visit a Chattanooga shop that's all about shopping local.

The name says it all - Locals Only Chattanooga.

The sing outside says "Come on in y'all."

"Everything we sell in the store is made in Tennessee," Eric Landrum said.

Eric and his wife opened the shop in 2015.

This is the first holiday season in the new location across from the Chattanooga Choo Choo.

Holidays are a big deal in here, so much so they start planning in the summer.

Eric's packing hundreds of holiday boxes filled with a variety of gifts.

The boxes can be pre-ordered, or customized, to fit a variety of budgets.

"We can accommodate any price point from $10 to $110."

As you browse the store you'll see moon pies, moonshine cake, ornaments, mugs, toffee, hot sauce, olive oil and spices, and more.

Near the products are Meet the Maker cards, letting you know more about the products and the makers you're supporting.

"You're keeping your money in the community," Landrum said. "You're not buying from a large corporation."

Luz Rodriguez is visiting from Florida, taking some Tennessee jam home with her.

"Back in Florida there's not a lot of local shops like here in Tennessee, so that's something that grabs my attention," Rodriguez said.

Spreading our local flavor to other states is what Eric likes to see.

"I want those folks in other states to open it up and say man there's some really great things going on in Chattanooga, some great local makers making some great stuff."

Locals Only Chattanooga is open every day and has extended holiday hours.

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