Hoff and Sauce Hopes to Tantalize Your Taste Buds

Hoff Sauce is made in Chattanooga by husband and wife Aaron and Michelle Hoffman.

In the back of this Southside coffee shop, Aaron Hoffman and his wife Michelle are concocting a tangy topping. "I enjoy hot sauce on the normal staples... eggs, pizza, biscuits and gravy. But I put it on everything," Aaron says. Hoff Sauce started as a holiday gift. "Pretty soon we started having family and friends of friends start to want it and it got to the point that we had to start selling it!"

But first, they had to figure out how to make it for the masses. The main chili in the sauce is red jalapeno, then they add habanero to pick up the heat a little bit and, finally, dried chipotle chili. Once the stems are separated from the peppers and the vinegar and spices added, the blender picks up the next step in production and the packing process gives this fusion it's distinctive flavor. "What you typically get from the store, they use fermented chilies," Aaron says. "While that's great, I love that taste, it has a one note flavor in my opinion. I pack my chilies in fresh vinegar and make sure I think that has more of a rounded flavor."

A flavor that marinates for two weeks before its back to be blended again and then bottled. If this peppery product inside the glass flask is Aaron's passion, his wife prides herself in its creative characteristics. "We've been able to come together and combine our love of food and cooking and being together and incorporating the art and design community all in one project together, so that's pretty incredible for us," Michelle says.

Giving this spicy start-up a stake in the world of hot sauce, and they hope, your fridge, from right here in our hometown. "Something that you might buy from the grocery store and use it on everything because it goes with everything," Aaron says. "I'm excited to offer something like that."

To visit Hoff and Pepper's website, click here.

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