Harrison woman turns welding skills into art creations

Josie Welds. Image by WTVC.

What started as just a class credit in high school turned into sparks of passion for one Hamilton County woman.

Firing up a forge, hammering scalding hot metal into shape all to form the legs of an octopus.

It's one of a few things Josie Hunter creates using scrap metal, nuts and bolts.

Josie says her welding interest sparked in high school.

"I had originally signed up for a graphic arts class thinking it would be something about photography." says Josie.

Turns out that wasn't for her so she transferred to a welding class where her love it for began and created Josie Welds.

For her the fusing of two metals is therapeutic.

"I can come up here and think and just have ideas and actually get them out and make them into something" says Josie.

Some of the obstacles she has to overcome.. "having a forge and heating up the metal and hammer it out takes a lot of work you get blisters and tired arms" says Josie.

After the legs and body have been melted and shaped it's time for Josie to weld.

Before Joises' projects become shape-able she has to heat up the forge to around 2400 degrees.

One of her favorite pieces shes put together is an alligator, that Josie says she created for her father.

"He grew up in Florida um his handle as a truck driver was gator bate and I wanted to make something for him" says Josie.

Getting her inspiration from songs, nature and really anything she see that could give her an idea..she says the sky's the limit.

"Really its all day I'll look at stuff and see something you know sticks laying in a certain way." says Josie.

Where Josie sees her business in 5 years, "I'm hoping that I'll be doing a lot more work and people can see and want me to do more stuff" says Josie.

To order custom orders call Josie at (423)-503-9444.

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