Fun on the water made at warehouse in Hixson, displayed across the world

Jungle floats made in Hixson warehouse on display around the world. (Image: WTVC)

This warehouse in Hixson is filled with the typical sounds of manufacturing. But the product they are perfecting is far from common. These Jungle Floats started right here in our hometown with a dad and his high-energy kids.

"I've got five boys and three of them were on a boat with me flipping and jumping and just about hitting their head on the side of the boat," says Chris Hampton. Hampton had a big idea that soon, became a business. But before the fun, Hampton says, "we cut the pieces we put them together, we bend them, we weld them, we shape them and put them together."

Hampton says each component is created with safety in mind. "The design is set up so that with that many people around it wouldn't seem crowded, it would still be safe, lifeguards could still have visibility." The pieces are built here in Hixson and then shipped by boat. "We ship it in a 40 foot container all around the world, and then we send a technician to go put it together."

One build in Sydney, Austrailia shows the process of assembling, moving, and then setting sail. A lot of work, with a big pay off. "I love seeing people 6 years onld and 60 years old say I've got to get on that, it just brings their childhood back."

For more on the Jungle Floats, click here to visit their website.

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