From day job to dream job - Chattanooga artist chases her dream

Chattanooga artist Jaime Bark gets her inspiration from nature. (Image: WTVC)

Imagine quitting your day job to work your dream job.

That's what Chattanooga artist Jaime Barks did two years ago.

"I got the privilege of getting to quit my day job," Barks said. "I do naturalistic paintings, primarily subject around trees or flowers."

She's inspired by nature.

"Taking what I see and trying to capture the feelings and the emotions, and what it feels like to be outside and create an image that is unworldly and a little bit different than what you would see in a traditional photo or a traditional landscape painting."

She mostly paints with watercolors. Nothing is ever too exact or predictable.

"I kind of work with a sort of different medium that's a little bit temperamental, and I kind of like the way it's chaotic and unpredictable like life is."

Jaime also teaches art to young kids and adults.

"Some people have natural skills I guess, but I think a lot of it is just showing up and doing the work and just starting somewhere."

She wants her work to inspire others to enjoy the great outdoors.

"I love to connect with people and I think art is such a beautiful way to do that."

When it comes to chasing dreams, Jaime says just go for it.

"Whatever it is you want to do with your life you just show up every day and do it, and just be OK with the mistakes."

Jaime is having a watercolor sketching class November 4 from 1 to 5 p.m. at Coolidge Park.

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