Famous faces make local pottery pop

John Cofer makes coffee mugs with famous faces.

Sometimes, your morning cup of coffee can taste even better in your favorite mug. One Chattanooga potter is making cups that definitely stand out.

In a makeshift studio inside his home on the North Shore, John Cofer is a sort of cup connoisseur. A furniture maker, a residential carpenter, and also a potter, he's found his niche combining two very popular pastimes: coffee and entertainment. "A lot of Bill Murray, David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Prince, a lot of musicians," Cofer says.

The cups he creates on his potter's wheel are relatively quick to construct. But after two firings in the kiln, they get that extra touch that sets them apart. "Everything in that image will burn out, the plastic and the other material," Cofer says of his decal of Dolly Parton.

Once Dolly, or another familiar face is affixed to the clay, it's back in the heat. This time at a slightly lower temperature. His finished creations all look a little bit different, but provide a purpose that keeps this artist doing what he loves., right here in our Hometown. Cofer says, "I could turn a hobby into a little more of a job and make a little money at it."

For more information on his products, contact Cofer at

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