Dayton single mother with a full-time job turns to a hobby of making all natural products

Yvonne French owner of French Craft Image by WTVC.jpg

Yvonne French began her craft expertise by knitting in high school, eventually expanding to other challenges like making soap.

"We're like we need to make something that sells more often, like more repeat buyers," says Yvonne.

5 years later, her business grew from soap to other naturally made items. "Now I make sunblock, insect repellent, chapstick, and deodorant."

She says her two kids with sensitive skin inspired her to continue making different things.

"There are very minimal ingredients, not all the chemicals. I don't use any preservatives or any colors," says Yvonne.

This hobby helps her escape her constant busy schedule with her full-time job and being a single mother.

"I have two boys - 11 and 8 - and I'm a single mom so this is my stress relief."

For every soap bar she makes, she refers back to when she learned how to make them through research and reading books.

First, she pours olive oil into a large container.

Yvonne then adds a metal hydroxide-based water called Lye that's been sitting out for a couple of days.

Careful not to get on her skin, she then mixes the two together into a thick consistency.

"You do this until it starts tracing," says Yvonne.

After pouring essential oils, it's finally making its way into the molding pan.

With each sale, she's reminded of her favorite part about the job - watching her reoccurring customers come back for more.

"When they come back to buy more ,they're like, 'Oh yeah, it really does last that long,'" says Yvonne.

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