Coffee Shop Prints Joins Passion and Profit


Sometimes a hobby can encompass more than just a way to spend your free time. For one local barista, his hobby is connecting his passion to a profit.

At Wired Coffee in Ooltewah, Derek Haas is practicing his coffee craft. His latte art makes a standard cup of coffee sing and a regular afternoon pick-me-up pop. "I'm just a little bit of a coffee nerd," he says. But this creativity goes beyond pretty cups of coffee, Derek takes the root of this brew and creates art worthy of the wall.

From the coffee house to his house, his art mixes his love of caffeine and creative nature. "I kind of decided to merge those two interests together." Fresh, white linen is dunked in this bin brimming with brew for a few days. "The longer it stays the darker it's going to be." When it reaches the perfect point, it's time to paint. His designs come from stencils that are simple, but bold. "What are famous silhouettes, what are the things that everyone recognizes without having to see all the intricate details of the face or of a symbol or whatever it is."

This hobby turned business has been displayed in Derek's bedroom for years... but is now taking on a second life. "This is something that I can do at home, I enjoy doing it and maybe it's a little profitable." He now sells his coffee shop prints on Etsy all over the country. "I think I shipped one to New York, to Seattle a few weeks ago." Creating a worldly way for this barista to break into the world of art, one bean at a time from right here, in our hometown. "I love coffee and why not use it for more than just one thing, where people come in and one morning thing that everyone else does," Haas says.

Click here to visit Coffee Shop Prints Etsy page.

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