Cleveland business gives struggling young moms a new chance

Healing Springs Gifts was started with the goal of giving young moms a new start. (Image: WTVC)

A new Cleveland business was started with the goal of helping mothers heal.

In this week's Made In Our Hometown we check in with Healing Springs Gifts to see how they help women looking for a second chance.

Lotions, scrubs, soap and more are made with natural ingredients by young mothers like Ashley Clements.

She's able to work, and care for her 11-week old baby Ja-Siah.

"I can be placing orders and making product, and I'm able to step away and take care of him," Clements said.

Healing Springs Gifts is a part of Foundation House Ministries, founded by Suzanne Burns.

"Our belief is the best way to help those babies is to help their mother," Burns said.

"I was an opiate user for about six years, and in and out of jail, and I was just ready to get my life back on track," Clements said. "I had the desire but I didn't have the resources or the tools to be able to do that."

That's where Healing Springs Gifts comes in.

It teaches young moms like Ashley all aspects of running a business, from sales and marketing, to making the products hands on.

"I was trying to do it my way and I did that for 28 years, and it's never worked out, so it was time to actually reach out to somebody and receive help and I'm just excelling now," Clements said.

Suzanne's goal with the business is teach women how to be financially independent while caring for their children.

"This is a place where they can say what they need to say, they can feel how they need to feel, and then they can suck it up and they can move forward and we can help them every step of the way," Burns said.

Suzanne says she knows what it's like to be a young mom looking for help.

"I was in the same place, I fought the same battles, I've done it, I've conquered it and you can too," Burns said.

Foundation House Ministries offers job training, daily classes and maternity housing for women in need.

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