Chattanooga woman makes a drink created to make you feel better

A Chattanooga woman creates beverages using raw turmeric. (Image: WTVC)

After busy mom of four Susan Steinmetz got sick with an upper respiratory infection several years ago, she started changing her whole diet for the better.

"I had gotten really sick and I realized that through what you put in on and around your body, can really change your health," Steinmetz said.

It was then she tried turmeric. It's a tropical plant in the same family as ginger. It looks similar to ginger on the outside, and like a carrot on the inside.

It's known for being anti-inflammatory and boosting your immune system.

Susan started using it to make a special tea for her and her family.

After seeing positive results at home, she decided to create her own business called TE Life.

"I do it because I feel like it's going to help people's health,"

She mixes and bottles at an industrial shop on Cherokee Boulevard.

Her teas are made with raw turmeric and ginger roots, alkaline water and organic lemons.

It's sweetened with either honey or stevia.

You can buy the drink locally at Earth Fare, Nutrition World, and Fit +.

She also sells alkaline water, a turmeric mixer for cocktails, and what she calls a super tonic.

"It's like hot sauce but it will kick a cold."

This is a family business. Susan's daughter designs the labels, with a goal of marketing products that are healthy and fun.

They knew nothing of starting a business like this three years ago, but Susan says our town offered a welcoming environment to grow.

"Chattanooga is amazing with female business owners there is so much support."

The products are all natural, but Susan recommends talking to your doctor about the product to make sure it won't react with any medications you are taking.

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