Chattanooga painted rocks popping up everywhere

You can find painted rocks all over Chattanooga, and across the country. 

The next time you're walking through a public park, or even in front of a local business, make sure to look for little pieces of art all around you. The painted rock movement is hitting Chattanooga, and, if you don't want to pick up, a paintbrush, you can get in on the hunt.

These painted rocks are popping up everywhere. Kim Hunsucker saw the idea online. "I was just scrolling and found a news article on it and said oh that sounds interesting."

So she picked up her paintbrushes. The idea is pretty simple. "I grabbed them out of the yard, painted them. Sometimes I let the rock speak to me, one time I had one that looked like a mountain scene and when I picked the rock up, it had veines in that looked like water."

For makeshift artists all across the area, once the painting is done, it's time to hide. "Since little kids play it I really like to hide it where kids can find them."

Kim didn't just take her rocks down the road. "We took them to Clifton which is our hometown, that's where we are from. I hid them among the other rocks hidden there, there are tons in Clifton."

Most people take a picture. We did when we hid these in East Brainerd's Heritage Park and post a hint of their rock's location. That's so they can share in the joy of the hunt and the discovery. "I think it has spread and changed and it's for everybody. The little kids are getting into it, It's not just for adults, so they are being creative and they are able to go out and find stuff."

Click here to see some hints on the Chattanooga Painted Rocks Facebook page.

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