Chattanooga man makes guitar straps with style

Bryan Joyner makes guitar straps from upholstery fabric and leather, appealing to all types of musicians.

Brian Joyner moved here from Atlanta, looking for a spot that was right in the middle of all the music festivals in the Southeast, as his products become more popular for guitarists bass players and pickers alike.

The sounds of rock and roll are easy to identify. But ask Joyner, and he'll tell you the signs can be obvious to the eye as well. "The lightning bolt, stars, a lot of people want to be a rock star."

Joyner eased in to the music business, looking for a guitar strap after he picked up playing the bass. And like a lot of budding entrepreneurs, when he couldn't find what he wanted, he decided to make it himself. "I just wasn't happy with the style and the build quality and I thought I can do better."

He called his business Hangover Guitar Straps and soon, they were showing up on music stages all around the world. But they start in his Chattanooga home, rolls of fabric, and strips of leather.

From the time he picks up his first tool, through each step and every stitch, Joyner says a good guitar strap is all about comfort, craftsmanship, and of course style. "A lot of people will spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a nice guitar and to me the analogy is you just bought a tux and you're going to wear a pair of flip flops with it?"

His products are a source of pride that carry a note of our hometown. "I'm just glad that musicians out there see the design and quality of the straps I'm making and they appreciate that."

For more on Hangover Guitar Straps, click here to visit their website.

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