Chattanooga company makes hammocks to warm your backside

Swayy hammocks help keep campers warm on chilly camping nights.

As we enter the colder camping months, one Chattanooga company is helping keep your backside a little warmer.

Seth Hill's product was born out of necessity. "I went with some of my buddies hiking and hammock camping on the Ocoee," Hill says.

But even in August, the night air got chilly. "It just got really cold and in the hammock world we call that CBS, or cold butt syndrome." Hill's explanation? The bridge ices before the road effect. When cold air can travel underneath something, the cold can bite even harder.

"I got some materials I thought would be useful and figured out how to sew." And several prototypes later, Hill had his first Swayy hammock. Made form several types of nylon, HIll's hammock comes with something extra. How the material is pleated, sewed, and packed with down underneath.

He's now depending on a company in Crossville to do part of his sewing and he adds the finished touches at home.

His idea is so unique he took second place in the Company Lab's "Will it Float" competition. And they don't just support the Outdoor community. They also work with Adventist World Aviation to help build schools in the jungles of Papua, Indonesia that can only be reached by bush plane.

For more on their products, click here to visit Swayy's website.

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