Chattanooga Butter focuses on flavor

In the South, a biscuit is the perfect addition to any breakfast. But one local company hopes, you don't stop there.

At Vinterest Antiques in Hixson, Matt Vandergriff is making sure Chattanoogans can enjoy his favorite pastime. "I've got cooking butters I've got sweet butters and savory butters," he says.

In the commercial kitchen in Brainerd where the business rents space, they mix the raw butter that comes from Europe and first add in the coconut oil. "The oil in there surrounds and keeps oxygen away from the rest of the ingredients."

Matt and his cousin Tabitha say they make the most organic, healthiest butter around. "It's really good for you compared to alot of the other options they have for you in big box stores," Vandergriff says.

But aside from the natural ingredients, flavor is their focus. "Within the first two weeks, we had about 20 different flavors we were trying out." The idea came to Matt when he started to travel, and found flavored butters in out-of-town restaurants. "My thinking was why not offer something like that to people here in Chattanooga."

So Chattanooga Butter was born. "As I grew up I realized part of the reason I didn't like it, it was just so bland and so boring and I guess this is my attempt at making it more fun, healthy and a lot more flavorful."

Once the mix is made, each jar gets a scoop and the label that bears of the hometown of perhaps the most enthusiast butter fans around. "When they try it and they are like, 'Oh my gosh I've got to have that sweet tea butter!' That's always the reaction that I love to see," says Tabitha Vandergriff.

Watch Latricia Thomas's latest "Made in Our Hometown" report above, featuring how Chattanooga Butter makes their product. Visit their Facebook page, by clicking here. You can buy online or find them in several local stores.

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