Bryant, Alabama fiber farm turns animals' fur into yarn through Barn to Yarn Program

Spinning into yarn. Image by WTVC

Sheering goats, dyeing fur and maintaining the farm are all responsibilities for one Bryant, Alabama fiber farm.

"Sheep, sheep," says Katy Light - to which her sheep respond, "Baaaa."

10 years ago, Katy light moved from the U.K. to U.S, bringing along her farming skills.

"I grew up in a farming community I knew I wanted to farm and sheep actually the angora goats started my desire to have a fiber farm," says Katy.

Katy created the Barn to Yarn program, that allows individuals to learn how to make the yarn themselves.

She says the Fiber Farm is partially how the family makes a living, using animals as a sustainable resource.

"The Angora goats for their mohair, the alpacas for their fleeces, and the sheep for their wool," says Katy.

In exchange for their fur, these animals have a good life.

"They get to have a great life eating grass and living, and I simply harvest their fleeces once or twice a year," says Katy.

She says it takes several days to turn freshly shaved wool into beautifully spun yarn.

"While some of the sheep you saw earlier will be sheered next month, this little guy will spend the next 12 months growing out his wool."

From Washington dyeing the wool with natural resources like berries and coffee, it's finally transformed on a spin-wheel into beautiful yarn.

One of the biggest challenges about this business is predators.

"Local dog packs coming and killing animals keeping them safe from local dogs," says Katy.

But she has her own way of keeping the predators away - two large guard dogs.

Aside from the challenges comes the beauty in her work and why Katy keeps doing it.

"Who wouldn't love this? I get to be creative and independent and not sit in a cubical all day."

But most importantly - "I get to share the joy with other people through the Barn to Yarn program," she says.

To order or learn how to make the yarn yourself with Poppy Creek Farm, visit their Facebook page here.

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