'Best cookies I've ever had' - A tour of the Signal Mountain Cookie Lady's shop

The Signal Mountain Cookie Lady shows us around her shop. (Image: WTVC)

In this week's Made in Our Hometown, we take a tour of the Signal Mountain Cookie Lady's shop.

They make an average of 450 cookies a day.

Sandie Benson is the owner, known as the Cookie Lady.

She left her job as a dental assistant to start her business 13 years ago.

"I have no regrets, this is just what I love to do," Benson said.

Chocolate chip and sugar cookies are what she makes the most.

The recipes are a secret, but we did get to see the mixing process and learned the first four ingredients.

"Eggs and butter, vanilla and sugar," Benson said. "Each batch makes about 40 and we do about 10 to 12 batches a day."

She has 3,000 different cookie cutter options.

Right now, graduation and summer themed cookies are selling fast.

Her customers are devoted. The business doesn't ship, but Benson says customers stock up on cookies before leaving for trips so they can share with others.

"I always said I wish I traveled as much as my cookies do."

Customers turn to the cookie lady for big events in their lives.

Benson has made birthday cookies for one woman since she was born, now she's making her high school graduation cookies.

"You know their families, you've watched them grow up."

It's not just big events, the location on Taft Highway brings a lot of walk-in customers as well.

"Word of mouth has kept us going."

Customer Casey Houston stopped in to grab cookies for a work meeting.

"I'm excited to share them with my family and my customers," Houston said. "The best cookies I've ever had."

Benson is looking to hire a few more people to keep up with the growing demand.

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