Babysitting App created by Hometown girl hits Chattanooga

The Wyndy app launches in Chattanooga on November 15th.

Juggling convenience and your child's safety. Next week, Chattanooga parents will have access to a new app that tries to make their lives easier.

Meredith Arp is the mother of three. She says, "I knew I always wanted to be a mom and now that I'm here, I had no idea. I love it I'm so blessed that I get to stay at home but it's the hardest thing I've ever done."

And even when she gets a chance to take a little break, she says it takes more time to get ready for a babysitter, then you get to enjoy yourself out on the town.

Enter Ginger and Tommy Mayfield's new app called Wyndy. "The name is a nod to Wyndy Darling who is a character in Peter Pan. She goes to Neverland to be a surrogate mother to the lost boys," Ginger says. She grew up in Chattanooga, and once she became a mom, discovered the challenges of juggling child care with her hectic life. "He was working as a busy attorney and I was in school getting a master's degree and we needed babysitters all the time."

Wyndy promises to take the leg work out of finding, scheduling, and paying a sitter. And if the concept feels familiar... "We felt like there was an opportunity to bring the technology we expect from other apps like Uber to the more important task of finding someone to watch your children."

Parents peruse the list of college-only sitters, slide the sitters into the order they want, and the app automates the process of contacting them in the order they choose. The choices? They've already submitted a video application and passed a background check. That's an important perk to any mom, used to scrolling through Facebook to find a sitter. "That is hard to find, someone you've never met before and you only know through social media and you're allowing that person to come in your home and watch your children."

Chattanooga families and potential sitters at UTC, Lee University and Covenent can start accessing the app on November 15th. Ginger and her husband now live in Birmingham, where Wyndy is already available.

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