A tour of Naked River Brewing Company in Chattanooga

Naked River Brewing Company opened this week in Chattanooga. (Image: WTVC)

There's a new place in Chattanooga for you to grab dinner and a beer, and watch both being made right in front of you.

In this week's Made In Our Hometown we take a tour of Naked River Brewing Company.

It just opened this week in a rehabbed building next to the First Tennessee pavilion.

We first met head brewer Nathan Woods.

"Making the beer is to me the best part," Woods said. "Drinking the beer is fun, but making the beer is a lot more fun in my opinion."

Nathan says they want to be transparent with what they do. That's why the brewery, bar and restaurant are in one open space. "You get to see the whole process of this beer being raw grains in your hand, to the process where it's beer in a glass."

The whole process can take up to a month.

"You have to multitask like crazy," Woods said. "There's always about 50 things going on at once."

First the grain has to be crushed, then it spins around in what's called a mash tun, which removes the sugar out of the grain.

"Science is a real big factor in making beer," Woods said. "If you don't like science or being wet, then it's probably not for you."The beer ferments for about two weeks, a couple more steps in between and it ends up as a nice cold brew in your hand, served at the bar a few feet away.

There are currently 7 different beers on tap.

"Our biggest beer right now is moon pie stout, and I'm actually crumbling 500 pounds of moon pies for that beer."It's customer Janette Potts' favorite so far. "I am currently drinking the moon pie stout, very good it tastes just like a moon pie."

That kind of reaction is what Nathan lives for. He compares it to cooking.

"When you cook something fantastic and you feel good about it, you want everybody else to feel good about it too," Woods said. "You're like look what I did like this is so cool."

Speaking of cooking, we head outside to talk with Chef Joe Persinger as he smokes meat.

They serve Texas style barbeque, including smoked brisket, ribs, turkey and pulled pork.

Just like the brewing process, they take their time with the food, letting the meat smoke for hours.

"It's getting down to the true essence of what these crafts are about, whether it's making beer or whether it's cooking barbecue, at the end of the day we treat

it as a craft," Persinger said.

Naked River Brewing company will be giving a portion of certain beers sold toward local water conservation efforts.

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