A Chattanooga man turns his financial struggles into a side business built for beards

Holy Man Beard Oil. Image by WTVC

A Chattanooga man has turned his financial struggles into a side business built for beards.

Christopher Shaw moved to Atlanta with hopes to start a new life, but says it put a damper on his financial status.

"I was broke, broke like all the jokes. It wasn't even funny," says Shaw.

He struggled to make ends meet, and couldn't afford to pay someone to cut his beard.

"It was a time where I honestly couldn't afford to get to the barber shop every week like I was accustomed to," says Shaw.

So he started Holy Man Beard Essentials in December - a business that he says helps men grow and maintain a healthy beard.

The name of his business started all because he says when he moved back from Atlanta, he rediscovered his love for the church and his religion.

"The entire message of Holy Man is finding the divinity in yourself," says Shaw.

He says he looked into the specifics about beard oils and what other products were out there.

"I began to do research and began to ask myself, 'Okay, why does this guy's beard look like this, why does this guys beard to look like that,'" says Shaw.

He knew what he wanted his beard to look like, but he needed to figure out how to achieve it.

The first ingredient he uses is coconut oil.

"It keeps the beard strands very, very soft," says Shaw.

Next, he mixes in avocado oil.

The component he says gives his beard the ultimate shine: Jojoba oil.

Christopher says he eventually wants to expand his business past men's beards.

"I hope to one day make hair products and maybe even skin products and just grow this thing as fast as I can," says Shaw.

But the ultimate lesson he hopes people learn from his product? "Teach people that you can be confident in the way you look and it's okay to go that extra mile to make sure that you look good," says Shaw.

To order his beard oil, click here to access his Facebook page or his website by clicking here

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