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WTVC - Crabtree Farms gardening with kids

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. — Gardening with kids can be a great way to get children to appreciate where their food comes from.

In this week's Homegrown, we visit Crabtree Farms for some tips on how to get children involved with gardening.

"As you see it's not a clean sport," Melissa Eaton said as she works with brothers Liam and Miles Omarzu.

It gets messy, but gardening with kids can be a fun learning experience for everyone.

"So we've got some chives, you want to gently take it out of the pot, you want me to show you how? You're going to flip it over, then you're going to go squish squish and it will come out," Eaton said.

She teaches the children about sage, having them rub the leaf and smell it.

Eaton says container gardening is your best bet for kids.

"Particularly herbs such as chives and mints and such do great in shallow containers."

This is a great way to show kids where their food comes from.

"I know when my kids they see the food grow in their backyard, they're like oh OK I'm willing to try that because I actually put the work into growing it, so it increases their curiosity about different types of food."

They're also more invested in the food when they grow it themselves.

"When they have that awareness they can appreciate the work that goes into their food and they're more likely to be willing to eat it."

Eaton says start with simple herbs, don't try to overdo it, and above all, just enjoy the process.

"Have fun with it. Don't have these high expectations. Just plant, be with your kids, you might after have to go back and tinker," Eaton said. "It’s just the process. It’s not the end result. The kids just want the journey of gardening, and as they get older, they’ll get even better at it.

She says you can start a container garden for about $50.

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