Creating personalized hand cream with essential oil

Ingredients to add to your own hand cream

It will be a product without preservatives and additives. Ivana Patterson, an herb expert, gardener, and owner of Lavender 'N' Rust Herb Farm said this is the reason people should make their own hand creams. Patterson said when when making cream, include essential oils: "the essential oils can activate the bodies ability to heal itself. That's why they are becoming so popular. Make sure your essential oils are pure. Buy from a reliable source."

According to Patterson, the ingredients to make hand cream include a variety of oils and butters (grapeseed oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, shea butter, etc), beeswax, and essential oil. For "normal skin" Patterson recommended using a combination of avocado oil with shea butter and coconut oil. Patterson said to combine the ingredients in a double boiler and keep the water warm but never bring it to a boil.

"The beeswax helps to solidify the mixture - the more beeswax, the thicket the mixture will be [start with 2-3 tablespoons]. Use 18-21 drops of essential oil, because that is considered 'therapeutic,'" said Patterson.

Patterson recommended using lavender essential oil because it helps heal sunburned skin and deters mosquitoes from biting.

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