Couple lives out their dream of growing fresh produce for the community at Everlee Farm

We visit Everlee Farm in Chattanooga for this week's Homegrown. (WTVC)

This week's Homegrown is all about being dedicated to the land, and the people who live around it.

We visit Everlee Farm in East Brainerd. It's 20 acres, and a big dream come true for Phillip and Jennifer Clay.

They own and operate the farm, on top of working full time jobs. This year they have a farm stand by the road four days a week.

"We kind of grow a variety of things in order to open the community's eyes to new produce and new varieties, new vegetables, things that they wouldn't normally get at the grocery store," Jennifer Clay said.

The farm stand is fast becoming a neighborhood favorite, just ask customer Carolene Perry.

"I love it. I'm a farmers daughter from Maryland so when I see something like this it's kind of like a magnet, I just stop," Perry said, grabbing vegetables and flowers for a picnic.

You'll find fresh picked produce, along with an old school honor system to pay for it.

"A little nostalgic and kind of bringing the past back and creating an opportunity for people," Clay said.

Perry said she enjoys creating recipes like tomato pie with the produce.

"That's what keeps us motivated is that people enjoy it. They love being able to try new things and have an opportunity to just swing by and pick up something local, and they know us, they see us out here, they see us working," Clay said.

The farm is in its third year, and bigger than ever. For the Clays- it's all about variety- especially when it comes to tomatoes. There are 15 different types this season, growing fast thanks to the heat.

"We really needed the heat. A lot of people are fussing about it being so hot, but really we are loving that now because all the plants are doing really well."

On the farm you'll also see chickens, and honeybees. Jennifer says bee keeping takes a lot of skill.

"It is not for everyone, and it is not the easiest thing. It definitely takes some time, energy, money and effort."

Work on a farm never stops, but it's all part of the dream.

"As each season progresses we learn what we do really well and what we don't do well at all with. It's always a learning experience and always trying new ground."

The farm stand is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday on Davidson Road.

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