Cottage gardening tips from The Barn Nursery

We visit The Barn Nursery for tips on cottage gardening. (Image: WTVC)

Creating a warm, inviting and intimate space to relax is what cottage gardens are all about.

For this week's Homegrown, we visit The Barn Nursery to meet a woman passionate about helping others grow their gardens.

Sue Chamberlain is a stylist and social media director at the nursery. When it comes to cottage gardens, she says feel free to let your imagination run wild.

"There aren't a lot of rules for cottage gardens because it's meant to be whimsical."

She says they are good for small spaces, and can be used year round.

"Whether you're just coming home at night, you've worked all week, you want a special place, there is nothing like a small, intimate fountain...sit down with a cup of coffee or glass of wine and be surrounded by flowers."

Cottage gardens are typically filled with a variety of flowers, from miniature versions of your favorites to pesticide free perennials.

"They will get larger, they will multiply. We call them investment plants they come back year after year and give you dividends, what fun."

Sue says it's a good idea to add some structure to your space by incorporating things like box plants, then building up flowers around that. Be sure to add your special touches along the way.

"They don't have to match, you don't have to have a certain color, it can be what you love. I always say buy what you love and you will take care of it."

Whether you have a green thumb or not, Sue will help you get started. She posts tips and pictures on The Barn Nursery Facebook page, and is also available to answer questions in store.

"We find that from age basically two to 90 people come in here and love being with plants, no experience needed you'll have a beautiful cottage garden and it brings back lots of memories."

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